I Don’t Know How Some People Do It

Take a Step Back

We all hear it a lot; there is so much that we take for granted. This has never been more true since I have started my career as a psychologist for CPS (see here to catch up). The majority of the people that I grew up with and am around today have pretty perfect lives. I grew up in what I see now as an absolutely perfect little city and we all had zero worries growing up. Well, we all had worries but in hindsight and after seeing what my kids go through on a daily basis, were not really “concerns.”

Every day I have to hear these absolute horror stories from my students about their every day lives and I have to sit in my car and mentally process everything I just absorbed for a good 20-30 minutes every day before I can go back to my normal life and function. It is at this time that I do most of my reflecting about life and try to understand how God can play a role in these kids lives when they seem to have no hope.

For the first 2 years of my career, there was not a day that went by where I didn’t catch myself having to hold back tears listening to these students tell me their stories and I myself sought therapy after my first year to help me process everything that I was hearing.

It’s The Little Things

Now this is by no means one of the horror stories that I hear on a daily basis, but for some reason this one really got me thinking today.

So I was doing a behavior evaluation for one of my students today and after class was over I have to do a little interview with the student to finish my evaluation. When I was talking to him and asking him about his day, he told me that his house has become infested with termites over the past month and it is only getting worse. The demeanor that he told me the story is what was so heartbreaking. He told me this in such a matter of fact tone like it was no big deal and that there was just nothing that they could really do about it. He even told me about games he has made up to try and help his mom take care of the problem.

Apparently a huge tree was blown over about a month ago over my student’s entire front lawn and has been sitting there ever since. This is something that none of us really think about having to deal with in our every day lives, let alone not having a penny to spend on taking care of it.

So the tree has just been sitting in his lawn rotting and deteriorating, making the perfect home for these termites. Tree service┬áis something that the parents of about 99% of my students couldn’t even dream of having the luxury to afford. What are these people supposed to do when random acts of God like this occur?

I Can’t Understand

This is just a tiny example of what I struggle with as far as God’s role in our lives. I just cannot wrap my head around how God could allow these poor innocent families to be struck of such random misfortune that literally costs more than what their entire family has in a bank account.

What is the point?

How can God stand back and see the absolute misery and pain of these families but continue to bring these hurdles?

I pray for these families every day and I will continue to try and make sense of it all.

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